Appointment re-structure!

Just to make you all aware we will be changing our appointment structure for Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy. All of these appointments are currently 30 minutes long whether you are coming to us for an initial assessment or a review appointment.

For Physiotherapy and Acupuncture, we just feel this is not long enough for your initial consultation. We have lots of questions to ask to understand the problem better, then carry out a physical examination, then discuss a diagnosis (where appropriate) treatment plan and hopefully within that session provide some treatment (which is what most people want from us). There is so much to pack into 30 minutes, which inevitably means we run over and this has a knock on effect with the clinic.

After every initial consultation there is a lot that happens behind the scenes; we have to write a thorough set of notes and include a treatment/ action plan, to help us with your following session. We may also need to send/ gain information to/ from doctors or other health / fitness professionals as well as source other relevant information for you as a client.  Notes are repeatedly written up after each session you attend and then stored safely until next time. To us your care is ongoing, it doesn’t just stop when you leave the clinic.

So we have made a decision that all clients that present with a new problem will have an ‘Initial Consultation’ of 45 minutes. This inevitably means our prices will go up for that initial session to allow us to cover our costs.

The reception staff may therefore need to ask you a couple more questions at the time of booking to ensure you are booked correctly.

The format will there be as follows from Tuesday 29th August 2017:

Initial consultation Physiotherapy/ Acupuncture: 45 Mins. £45

Review appointment Physiotherapy/ Acupuncture: 30 Mins. £33

CraniosSacral Therapy: All appointments will be 45 Mins. £45 (again to give Sharon time to do a thorough treatment each time)

All other prices and timings will remain the same.



We hope you understand the need for us to change things slightly to help us to help you.

Many thanks for reading

Lindsey and the SPC team

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