Beefayre Bee Happy Candle – Product of the Month!

We would like to introduce you to the Beefayre Bee Happy Candle.

An uplifting candle with a fresh citrus fragrance to boost your mood, with a balance of sweet and soothing tones of jasmine, that has a burning time of 50 hours.

Double the fun with this Beefayre Bee Happy Candle. Dip your fingers in to the warm wax and use as a massage oil. You will soon discover how pure and natural there ingredients are. The oil is totally absorbed and leaves the skin nourished and smelling incredible. Also, the candle glasses have been hand printed with beautiful designs and are dishwasher proof. Rescue these beautiful glasses and use them as tea light holders or drinking glasses.

Do you want one yet ?

Well let us tell you a littleĀ bit about the aims of Beefayre.

Beefayre aim to promote health and happiness while also promoting the wider public about the plight of the honey bee. Beefayre donate 3% of their profits to the bee conservation. All of their products are registered on the PETA cruelty free product.

Here at Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic, we sell BeeFayre Bee Happy Candles (20cl), pack of 3 tea lights and reed diffusers. We also now offer a Beefayre aromatherapy candle massage. The candle is lit and the wax gently heated which then is poured onto the body to create a very luxurious massage oil.

Beefayre is a great company and their products are all beautiful. We highly recommend that you try them out for yourself!



Orange and Jasmine essential oils
100% natural plant wax, hand poured candles.

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