Ginger Duck, Grubby Scrubby Soap – Product of the month!

Want to know about one of our favorite products? Well here it is! The Ginger Duck, Grubby Scrubby Soap.

An absolute favourite of ours packed with goodies that will leave your hardworking hands and body super smooth. Each soap has a blend of pure essential oils to benefit the skin and is further complemented by herbs and botanical’s.

Ginger Duck do not use any artificial colours. There colour comes from infusing olive oil with a range of teas to produce beautiful natural tones. All the Ginger Duck soaps are suitable for vegetarians and are not tested on animals. All their ingredients are safe for use in cosmetics and their products have been certified by and independent registered chemist.

So what’s so good about the Grubby Scrubby?

With spoon full’s of ground pumice, it is great to get rid of stubborn dirt and the oatmeal gently exfoliates the skin. This bar, of soap, has been carefully blended with peppermint and tea tree essential oils to provide a wonderful fresh sent.

Peppermint is stimulating and mildly antibacterial whilst tea tree is said to remove blemishes and impurities from the skin, its unique tingle is soothing and refreshing plus the added olive oil will give your skin an extra moisture boost.

There soaps are carefully made, wrapped and finished, all by hand in their little cottage beside the river Tweed in Scotland.

Why not come to our shop and check out all the different scents that we have to offer?

We also have on offer, a range of the Ginger Duck soy wax candles. The Ginger Duck candles are made from 100% renewable soy wax. Soy is much better for the environment and for you. You would never knowingly inhale toxic fumes would you? Well you do this each time you burn a paraffin was candle. The only thing you will inhale is the beautiful smell of lemon and thyme or orange and fig.

You be Quackers not to try them out!

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