UPDATE ***DUE TO COVID-19 THIS SERVICE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE *** Indian Head Massage (or champissage) is a relaxing and stimulating treatment for the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. Based on the ancient Ayurvedic holistic healing system, it has been practised in India for over a thousand years where it remains an important part of modern life. Our modern lives are stressful with little time to look after ourselves properly. Indian Head Massage is especially effective in relieving many of the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of stress.


  • 60 mins – £35 **
  • A 50% deposit is required at the point of booking in order to secure your appointment.
  • We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any clients who cancel within 24 hours or do not attend their appointment will lose their deposit.
  • *Please note we see over 16 year olds only*
  • **Appointment length and Price change effective from 1st February 2019

Gift vouchers are also available. Buy online or call 0191 548 3388

Indian Head Massage at Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic


  • Boosts circulation – bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to cells
  • Warms tissues, relaxes tense and contracted muscles, reduces pain and fatigue
  • Increases lymphatic flow thus aiding removal of waste products and toxins
  • Improved skin condition and hair condition due to increased circulation
  • Reduces blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Can be either relaxing or invigorating depending on your needs
  • Helps to relieve symptoms of stress and tension and low mood by stimulation of endorphins
  • Reduced fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraines and sinusitis

What to expect during treatment?

The therapist will start by taking a full medical history. Indian Head Massage is carried out either fully clothed sitting on a chair or when oils are used, lying on a heated treatment couch. The therapist uses a range of different massage techniques over the upper back, neck and shoulders. The scalp and face are then gently but deeply massaged including stimulation of pressure points on the face.

Side effects of Indian Head Massage

You may experience a reaction when your body begins the process of healing itself and eliminating toxins. These reactions are a positive sign that the body has responded well to the treatment and is beginning to heal itself. These side effects should subside in 12-24 hours. The following reactions may occur after treatment:

  • Tiredness due to the release of toxins
  • More visits to the toilet to get rid of waste and toxins
  • Headaches or nausea
  • Spots may occur due to released toxins
  • Flare up of previously suppressed conditions
  • Perspiration/Runny nose – the body excreting waste

Aftercare advice

  • Drink plenty of water or herbal teas
  • Avoid excess tea, coffee and alcohol for the next 12 hours
  • Avoid heavy meals for the next few hours
  • Cut down on smoking
  • Avoid driving immediately after treatment if you feel excessively drowsy
  • Make time to relax
  • As oils have been used avoid sunbathing/ sun-bed use for 24 hours


If you would like to book an Indian Head Massage, have any questions or would like some more information, then please do get in touch.