Introducing Nathan-Sports Therapist

Here at Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic we are excited to introduce one of our new team members Nathan! But who is Nathan and how can he help you?

Who is Nathan?

Nathan is a Sports Rehabilitator who specialises in working with athletes from many different sporting backgrounds helping them return from injury. He also spends a lot of time working with the general public helping them prepare for working life and getting rid of any pains or injuries that they may have.

Nathan is a member of The British Association of Sports Rehabilitators and Trainers and has been working with clubs, athletes and the general public for 2 years.

After completing his undergraduate studies at Sunderland University in 2013, Nathan then decided to work towards his MSc in Sports Rehabilitation at Teesside University. Since graduating, Nathan has developed a keen interest in trauma management, mainly focusing on pitch-side first aid, and gained FA and RFU accredited trauma care qualifications alongside providing pitch-side care for England Volleyball and Middlesbrough FC.

With a love and thirst for learning new skills, Nathan completed courses in Kinesiology Taping, Sports Massage and Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation. He believes that the combination of multiple therapeutic modalities and the ability to educate clients about why their body is in pain, what might be causing this and most importantly, ways to reduce this and eventually rid of the issue all together is a vital part of the treatment.

Having a strong interest in academic research, Nathan really wants to try and help bridge the gap between what the science says and how we can implement that in a clinical practice. This means that he spends quite a lot of time reading up on the latest literature and making sure that his clients are aware of the latest procedures, practices and research to ensure that the treatment they receive, is most up to date.

How can Nathan help you?

Although Nathan has had experience working within the ‘main stream’ sports such as football and rugby, he has worked with many other sports such as tennis, hockey and volleyball. So, if you have an issue which is causing you to modify your amounts of sport / hobbies / work you undertake, maybe sports rehabilitation will help!

You don’t have to come from a sporting background for Nathan to help. Maybe your posture is not quite right or working gives you aches and pains. Nathan can offer you a full assessment followed by a prognosis and treatment plan.

Nathan was quoted saying “I love to work in private practice to help support everyday people reach their goals whether that be family, work, hobby or sport related. I love to give my clients the ability to gain the education and tools to continue looking after themselves away from the clinic.”

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment with Nathan through our website call us on  0191 548 3388 or email

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