Introducing our new Counsellor

We would like to welcome our new Counsellor, Tania Davies.


A little about Tania:

I work with adults as a humanistic integrative psychotherapist and counsellor. I am an accredited member of both BACP and UKCP and am also a member of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association. I have worked therapeutically with both short-term and long-term clients for more than 6 years, with the NHS, through Mind and in private practice.


My Training, Professional Development and Interests

It is very important to me to know how it feels to be a client, so that I am not asking clients to do something I haven’t been willing to do myself and I spent over 6 years in therapy/ This helped me to start to understand my own journey of healing and self development.

I receive regular supervision and I am committed to continuous training so that I can continue to offer my flexible approach. I have travelled around the UK and abroad (Including the USA) for workshops and training with experts in a number of fields including trauma therapy, existential therapy, Jungian psychology and child development. I have attended several training courses for healers and creative souls with Clarissa Pinkola Estes, whose integrative approach and philosophy is a huge inspiration and example to me.

I continuously work to review and understand how an integrative and holistic approach to therapy can help clients to heal from childhood trauma and give them relief from PTSD, depression, anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks.  I have a strong interest in how creativity can aid healing especially storytelling and music, how body work such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong can help to release trauma and I seek to understand healing from across cultural perspective. In my Master’s dissertation I explored the question of what is contact between the therapist and client from a mind, body and spirit perspective and how does it help the client to heal.  I continue to explore and write about this subject.


Tania is currently on further training courses in Denver and London!


Private Practice

Tania chooses to work in private practice so she can offer more choice and can work with clients longer term if required. She can give clients a high degree of control over their therapy, providing a flexible approach tailored to their individual needs.

Working in private practice also allows Tania to offer sessions at various time of the day to suit the clients’ availability.

At Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic she is available for evening appointments.


Therapy Sessions

The cost of the iniital session and any subsequent session is £40 per hour.  Clients usually attend weekly although some clients prefer less frequent therapy over a longer period.


First sessions

It is very important to understand what the client wants from therapy or counselling, so the first appointment you would complete an assessment together to allow Tania to find out more about the you and what you might want from therapy, if Tania is best suited to meet your needs and explain to them how you can/ will work together.


When a client first arrives, very often they don’t know what they want or cannot say ‘what is wrong’. A shared plan of action is discussed, sometimes space and time are needed for a client to get to know Tania better before sharing deeper issues.


Ongoing sessions

Each time Tania meets with a client she will provide a safe and secure space, and together decide what they want from particular session and what they might need from her (this can change from week to week and even within a single session).


My Integrative Approach

“I follow a unified approach to therapy with the aim of bringing together harmonising various concepts and approaches. I attempt to affirm the value of each individual by responding to their affective, behavioural, cognitive, physiological and spiritual aspects and levels.

Every client I meet is unique with their individual needs and wants which can also change over time. Providing integrative therapy for my clients means that I can tailor and adjust how I work to fit with each client. I can bring a very wide range of techniques and ideas, and together we can select those that best suit their needs and personality.  The therapy sessions vary greatly, just as individuals do, but can include:

  • Working in the “here and now” for symptom relief
  • Providing information or worksheets to help clients to understand what is happening in their lives, how to change this, and how to gain more control over their lives
  • Providing a space for clients to explore, understand and discuss how past issues are still effecting their lives in the present, and help to free clients from their negative influence
  • Helping clients to express their thoughts, feelings and memories in the way that feels most natural for them. This may be by talking, or may include using creative techniques, like drawing or writing or music
  • Providing space for clients to explore existential questions that can offer arise after illness, trauma or bereavement.”

You can contact Tania direct on her mobile, 0778 654 1984 or by email, to discuss booking a therapy session with her.

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