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I’m pleased to welcome our guest blog this month by Julie Hoyland of Love to Treat.

In today’s society we’re pretty savvy about what we need to lead a healthy lifestyle. We’re aware of the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and exercise to get the best out of life but are these the only factors we need to be conscious of?

As someone who frequents the gym I often find myself in the company of people who are very conscious of clean eating and a good training schedule and yet they don’t give a second thought to the products they are using on their skin!

Now I’m not one to judge, I myself used to buy whatever was on offer and the best bargains for my personal care products. It didn’t even occur to me to check the ingredients; I mean they wouldn’t be on the high street if they weren’t good for you… right?

It wasn’t until I started to educate myself on the subject that my eyes began to be opened.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and has many different important roles to play. It breathes, helps regulate our body temperature and removes impurities to name but a few of its jobs. Whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into the blood stream between 8 and 16 seconds (when I shared this fact with a friend of mine she was horrified to think of all the fake tan that was floating around in her blood)!

When I first became aware of these facts I checked the ingredients of my own personal care products and was shocked at what I found. A LOT of products on the market have harmful ingredients in them such as artificial dyes, mineral oils, formaldehyde donating preservatives… the list is endless!

Mineral oil is a liquid by product of petroleum. It acts as a moiturising agent for the skin but only keeps the particular area of the skin it is applied to moist. Most moisturisers include important nutrients whereas mineral oil has no nutrients at all. What it actually does is seals your skin, preventing it from breathing. This in turn impairs the skin’s ability to rid the body of toxins. The scary thing is that most baby oils are made up almost entirely of mineral oil!!!

Formaldehyde donating preservatives are chemicals that help prevent the growth of bacteria in water based products; they are absorbed through the skin and have been linked to allergic skin reactions and cancer.

These ingredients may not have an instant effect on your health but prolonged use over time could compound to catastrophic results; think of a burger. Eating one isn’t going to make you obese but if you were to eat one every day for the next few years that is exactly what will happen!

Do you know exactly what’s in your products? What you’re using on yourself and your whole family? After switching to a pure, safe and beneficial brand my son and I no longer suffer from eczema and my skin has never looked or felt better.

If you would like to find out more information on the subject, arrange a free wellness consultation or test drive some products for a few days then don’t hesitate to contact me and please remember to check the ingredients of your products, you may get a surprise.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Love and Happiness

Jules –
07973 791 493

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