Mizan Therapy for Fertility

Mizan Therapy

Mizan Therapy is a great way to support your fertility on the journey to pregnancy and birth.

Fertility depends on a series of processes working in the correct sequence and in conjunction with each other. To name a few; hormones must be released at the right time of the cycle, in the correct amounts; the uterine membrane must grow thick and healthy to nourish an ovum and the vaginal pH must allow the sperm through without being weakened by acidity.

If your womb is tilted then it is more likely that there will be a disruption to the delicate balance of hormones and the body’s organs working in unison. This communication breakdown may impact on the menstrual cycle and its phases.

Sometimes the congestion caused by a tilted uterus can result in the blood stream becoming toxic, or too much strain on the lymphatic system to eliminate waste. Nutrition and elimination can also play a crucial part in congestion in the pelvic region.

Mizan therapy helps to realign the womb (where relevant) which will increase blood flow, nourishing and restoring your reproductive organs to health, improving detoxification, relieving congestion and removing emotional blockages. This will give your body the best chance to conceive and nurture a growing baby.

Since it takes 12 weeks for an egg to achieve maturity, it is best to undertake treatment for three months before trying to conceive. The strongest treatment is possible if you use contraception for these three months, but I understand that there are many reasons why you may not want to wait, so there are two treatments protocols: a three month pre-conception programme, and a programme for trying to conceive whilst undergoing treatment. (See below)

Mizan therapy is also beneficial for you if you are undergoing assisted conception (IUI or IVF) and is thought to improve your chance of a successful outcome.

3 month pre- conception programme.  The best chance to conceive:

This is intended as a period of uterine rest and cleansing and requires you to actively avoid conception (although you don’t have to avoid intercourse but your chosen method of contraception is recommended)

Treatments would be based as follows:


The first treatment is optimally scheduled as soon after menstruation as possible.

Follow up sessions:  Ideally treatments are weekly for 2 weeks, and then monthly.

There will be aftercare advice sheets and some self massaging and self healing advised.

Month by month Programme:

This is the treatment programme we would follow if you didn’t want to do the 3 month programme and you were having unprotected sex.

Initial treatment would still be scheduled to take place as soon after menstruation as possible, but must be prior to ovulation.

Follow up sessions would be weekly (if we can fit another one in before ovulation) and then monthly.

All treatments on this programme must be performed prior to ovulation.

There will be aftercare advice sheets, self care, massage and self healing advised.

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