Natural Hero Muscle Rub – Product of the month!

Want to know why Natural Hero Muscle Rub is our favourite?

This rub is completely organic made with ginger root, rosemary, starflower and sweet fennel essential oils.

This is an organic alternative to deep heat, it has also been said that it is a ‘sports massage in a tube’.

This natural hero muscle rub helps ease fatigue on the muscles and really loosens them up ready for that run, walk or swim! You name it! You will be prepared.

This rub has a nice unique smell and conditions your skin it also has a natural warming sensation a bit like deep heat but a lot more organic and natural, you know it’s working when it starts to have that tingly sensation to the area where you have applied it to!

This product can be bought at Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic.

You can also get the Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Soak!

Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub available at totally tranquil

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