We have a special interest in Pregnancy and Women’s Health at Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic.

All Physiotherapy appointments are with either Lindsey, Sharon or Debs who are specialist musculoskeletal Physiotherapists with over 36 years combined experience.

Pregnancy related pains are common and in most cases is treatable. These can include lower back pain, postural tension, especially around neck and shoulders and pelvic girdle pain (PGP). This is often misdiagnosed as SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction).

PGP can happen at any stage in your pregnancy. It can give you pain and a feeling of instability anywhere within the pelvis, front (around your pubic bone), lower back/ bottom or at the side (around the bony bit of your hips). You may have difficulty walking, especially up and down stairs/ on and off curbs, getting on and off chairs/ in and out the car and turning over in bed.

If your PGP has been misdiagnosed or not treated during your pregnancy your may still experience problems post-natal. Booking in for a Mummy MOT would be recommended at this stage to further assess your posture, breathing, tummy and pelvic floor muscles.

CranioSacral Therapy in Pregnancy


  • Initial consultation 45mins £45*
  • Review appointment 30 mins £33
  • A 50% deposit is required at the point of booking in order to secure your appointment.
  • We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any clients who cancel within 24 hours or do not attend their appointment will lose their deposit.

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What happens at your first appointment

At Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic we will take time to listen to you, which in turn helps us understand what is happening and therefore diagnose the problem accurately.


We will look at and feel how the joints at the back and front of your pelvis move when you move e.g standing on one leg, bending forwards/ backwards. Then in lying (on your back and/ or side) we will feel how symmetrical the joints are and how they move, as often one side of your pelvis is stiffer/ tighter than the other.

We will often feel the ligaments and muscles around around tummy, pelvis, legs and lower back to check the strength of them as well as any signs of tension or pain. 



Once we have assessed you fully we will discuss the findings and agree a plan of treatment with you, explaining what we are going to do.

You will receive some treatment at the end of your initial consultation where appropriate. 


There is lots we can do to help and alleviate your symptoms. We won’t just simply give you a belt and tell you there’s nothing else that can be done until after pregnancy!

Treatment is likely to include realigning joints so that they move symmetrically again. This is called manual therapy. These are adapted especially for the pregnant woman and it is a gentle and pain free treatment. We may also do some soft tissue/ massage techniques (on tight muscles and ligaments), Acupuncture and taping. 

You will normally be given gentle exercises to help your pelvic stability and pelvic floor. As you recover, your exercise programme will be adapted to suit your individual needs until you get back to normal.

You may need to come back for a short course of treatment in order to settle your symptoms and prepare your body for labour and birth.

We will advise you when appropriate with regards to birthing positions and post- natal recommendations.

*If needed we will liaise with your GP, Midwife or Consultant throughout any stage of your treatment with us.


If you would like to book an appointment or have any questions, then please do get in touch.