Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, correspond with different areas of the body.

Reflexologists work holistically to promote better health for their clients.

Reflexologists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe, reflexology helps the body to restore its balance naturally, helping with overall well-being and relaxation.

A full medical history will be taken on your first treatment, and you will be asked to sign a consent form for treatment. This information will be kept confidential.

Reflexology is a very easy therapy to receive the most clothing that will have to be removed for a treatment to take place will be your socks and shoes.

The therapist will then use their hands to apply pressure to the feet and lower leg. You may feel areas of mild discomfort during the treatment, but generally the experience should be very relaxing.

Reflexology appointments are now available at Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic with Debs, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

£35 / 45 minutes.

Please call us on 0191 548 3388 or email to book your appointment.

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