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Stressed? Let Reiki at Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic

I’m Liz Cairns from Inspire Holistics and with ten years experience in dealing with stress and anxiety, I’d like to share some insights into stress, along with some hints and tips to help.

Believe it or not, stress can be a positive thing. I know – sounds crazy but it’s true. Stress is a response to an inappropriate level of pressure. That may be a positive or a negative response. Think about the feelings you have prior to a roller coaster ride. You may feel “butterflies”, giddiness or shaky legs. You feel fear but quite enjoy the sensation. Winning athletes in the Olympics would not achieve the great success they do without a degree of stress as it prepares the mind and body to deal with the pressures of the situation.

However, stress, when it is not handled well, can have a very negative effect on your mind, body and life, causing physical and mental problems.

It is widely recognized that certain life events have the potential to significantly raise your stress levels. Moving house, divorce, bereavement, a new job, and many other things may trigger stress. However, ongoing situations may be just as damaging, for example problems at work or work life balance may raise stress hormone levels and affect us at a molecular level causing physical ailments.

Let’s look at some of the signs and symptoms so that as soon as you recognize them, you can nip it in the bud. If you find any of the following signs and symptoms affecting you, it may be time to do something about it :

Restlessness, sleep disturbance, poor concentration, irritability, poor memory, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, tingling of the extremities, stomach cramps, pounding heartbeat.

The good news is there are lots of ways to help:
Make sure you look after your body by eating healthily and drinking lots of water. Reduce caffeine intake (coffee, fizzy drinks and chocolate). Reduce alcohol intake. Take time out regularly from the everyday challenges to boost your energy levels. Ensure you have regular, good quality sleep. Finding some form of exercise you enjoy can help. Ask for help from friends or family. Learn to say “NO” sometimes. Remember perfection may not always be necessary. Remember that your welfare is important.

At Inspire Holistics, I can help. Reiki is  a natural healing system which aims to rebalance energy levels, to relax, revitalize, improve sleep and to allow your mind and body to work together to promote well being. it is an amazing treatment and can help in so many ways. Reiki heals on every level – mind, body and soul.

Here is a testimonial from one of my lovely clients:-

“Finding Reiki really helped me feel more confident in dealing with the challenges of everyday life and reaching for my goals.”

If you would like to know more about how I can help de-stress you, please feel free to call me on 07583 540 376 or visit

Reiki at Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic by Inspire Holistics is available on a weekly basis. Email us at or call 0191 548 3388 to book in.

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