Running and Injuries

Running season is upon us!

With the running season well underway we have been inundated with requests for physiotherapy and Sports Massage appointments as people have injured themselves during training.

There are a number of ways to prevent injuries too:

Sports massage:
A regular massage can help maintain the suppleness and flexibility of muscles. Any tightness in muscle groups is normally picked up by the therapist meaning we can advise you on particular stretches/ exercises to help. Ultimately we want to help you avoid getting injured.

A good training program:
This includes cross training, strength and conditioning. Why not join a running club and let the experts coach and advise you on how to train, run and rest!

Stretching and foam rolling:
Stretching after you have exercised is an important part of your training program. The muscles have been worked hard and need some help whilst still warm (so before you get in car and drive home) to restore them to their normal length and function.
Foam rollers can also be a good idea particularly for those stubborn muscles/ tissues like ITB. Or choose a spikey ball for those smaller areas.

A good pair of trainers:
If you think you need a new pair or are just starting off running, go and get advice on your trainers. There are a few specialist shops in the region, all seem to have their positives (and negatives) from feedback we get from our customers.

The main thing seems to be, where possible go on a weekday to make sure you see someone with more experience. Sweatshop (Metro Centre), Start Fitness (Newcastle & Durham) and Northern Runner (Newcastle). Let us know if you have any feedback so we can pass it on to the next runner to help them out.

A podiatry review:
Some people may need to see a Podiatrist to get their lower limb biomechanics assessed and managed, often with orthotics/ insoles.
Faulty biomechanics can often be the reason an injury develops and/ or doesn’t get better.

We now have the Podiatrist John Hunter working at the clinic on Saturday mornings who specialises in biomechanics and is a keen runner too. Perfect!

For more information on any of the above or for further enquiries and bookings please call us on 0191 548 3388.

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