We Are Tea – Product of the Month!

We Are Tea have a variety of different teas, which is why we love them!

They have a Summery tea which is actually known as “Super Berry”.

Your friend’s are having a BBQ and you don’t want to bloat yourself out with fizzy pop as well as the food?! Well here is the tea for you!

Instead of having it warm like a regular tea, spice things up and have it Ice cold with Ice cubes, it’s the perfect summer drink. It’s fruity and leaves you feeling refreshed and hydrated.

With its lovely ingredients Apple Pieces, Orange Peels, Hibiscus and Rosehip you’re going to feel energised and refreshed!


Another one of our favorites is Serenitea!

This tea can do wonders.

Feeling down and drowsy? Get some Serenitea in you now! Its ingredients are the most intriguing subject about this tea!

It has Green tea Apple Pieces, Melissa, Orange Peel, Lemongrass, Lime blossom Tree, Lemon Verbana and Tulsi!

Tulsi is the most extraordinary ingredient! It can help the heart, lungs and other organs keep extremely healthy; it can battle colds and fevers! If this doesn’t make you want this tea I don’t know what will.


These products can be bought at Sunderland Physiotherapy Clinic.

Other items in the We Are Tea range can be found such as; Daintea, Revitealise, Serenitea and Peppermint Leaf! All teas are now £3 per box in the July sale!

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